T4020 / TD4020
    Tailift TD4020, a new generation of tea compressing and modeling machine that exhibits extremely high speed in tea compressing. Compared with the traditional tea making methods, this machine provides 1.5 hours faster operation and better tea-leaf appearance and quality as well.


    • The cylinder is made of stainless steel with corrosion resistant.
    • The cylinder operation is controlled by a transformer to provide no-segment speed change.
    • Man-machine interface control panel, cylinder operation time can be set.
    • The cylinder is driven by a strong motor with a reducer, releasing large output.
    • The up-and-down actuation of the cylinder adopts pneumatic cylinder with easier operation.
    • Cloth-wrap is not needed for tea rolling & twisting, for which cost saves.
    • Idle cycling is only 48 seconds, working pressure can be up to 210 bar.
    • Simplified structure of machine frame with lowest failure rate.
    • The foot mounts is attached with movable castors so as to move easily.
    Beautiful and Innovative Design
    Hydraulic oil cooler with good heat dissipation
    Good sheet metal tightness, less than 0.1 cm
    The horsepower of hydraulic tank motor is 7.5 hp with more stable process.
    Mesh Protector is used between motor and coupler.
    Design of high pressure cylinder is adopted for oil pressure cylinder, firm and durable
    Delta Brand Control Panel (First Domestic Brand)
    Hydraulic cylinder shockproof design to reduce noise
    Hydraulic cylinder with guide solenoid valve design, stable pressure, to ensure processing quality.