T6012 / T6014 / TD6014
    • Stainless steel drum is available to meet sanitary requirement.
    • The internal drum is drilled with numerous fine holes to screen out tea dusts for added convenience.
    • The internal drum is welded with various sets of brackets, allowing for fast and uniform loosing of pressed or modeled tea balls.
    • With the additional circular shifting rod at the front side of the internal drum, tea leaves falling out of the internal drum can be avoided while the machine performs loosing operation (patent pending).
    • The front side of the machine is directly connected to the tea compressing and modeling machine so as to save manual handling time while upgrading efficiency.
    • The transmission system is designed with V-belt, worm gear reducer in combination with sprocket wheel, making it convenient to install and maintain.
    • Four pieces of polyethylene parts supporting the drum may effectively reduce rotating noise of the drum.
    • Equipped with a frequency inverter allowing variable speed change to meet the requirement of different speeds.
    • An electronic timer is utilized to count the drum lifting time.


    Item Unit T6012 T6014 TD6014
    Diameter of inlet port mm Ø 420 Ø 650 Ø 720
    Diameter of internal drum mm Ø 850
    Ø 1,080 Ø 1,080
    Diameter of external drum mm Ø 1,000 Ø 1,210 Ø 1,210
    Max. working capacity cm3 100,000 115,000 115,000
    Voltage Volt. 220 220 220
    Machine weight kg 510 660 800
    Gross weight kg 830 1,040 1,200
    Machine dimensions (LxWxH) cm 232 x 130 x 190 232 x 152 x 200 289 x 152 x 154
    Packing dimensions (LxWxH) cm 246 x 149 x 220 246 x 167 x 238 303 x 167 x 192
    • As the machine manufacturer conducts constant research and improvement, above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.